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I write stories about women discovering who they want to be and who they truly are. Set on and around the south coast of NSW my books have strong female characters, tangled family relationships, horses and a touch of romance. My debut novel, BlackwattleLake, was published by Hachette in November 2012. My second novel Essie’s Way was released in November 2013. I’m looking forward to the release of my latest book, Close To Home in July 2015 and will be revealing the gorgeous cover Hachette have come up with soon. You can read more about my books below and if you love Rural Romance check out this great new page featuring Australia’s top writers in the genre: Australian Rural Romance.

Essie’s Way

Essie's Way front cover Miranda McIntyre thinks she has it all sorted. She’s a successful lawyer, she’s planning her wedding and   ticking off all the right boxes. When searching for something old to go with her wedding dress she remembers an antique necklace from her childhood, but her mother denies any knowledge of it. Miranda is sure it exists. Trying to find the necklace, she discovers evidence that perhaps the grandmother she thought was dead is still alive.

Ignoring the creeping uncertainty about her impending marriage, and the worry that she is not living the life she really wants, Miranda takes off on a road trip in search of answers to the family mystery but also in search of herself.

Ultimately she will find that looking back van lead you home.

A captivating story of family, love and following your heart.

‘In the distance the sky and sea merged into an opaque sheet of black, the only light shed by a sliver of moon. A crack of lightning split the darkness, illuminating the cauldron that was the ocean for just a few moments. She tilted her chin up and stretched forward, straining to see. Something was out there.’


Blackwattle Lake


Set in the fictional town of Yarabee (somewhere about 5 hours south west of Sydney) it’s a story about  forgiveness and courage, and finding a place to belong. When Eve Nicholls returns to her childhood home it’s not long before she’s confronted by people – and memories – from her past. She re-discovers her love of horses and of the bush, along with her old adventurous self, but memories and unforeseen events force her to face her demons – and more.

‘Eve took a deep breath and stepped down from the kombi. Everything inside her was shaking. Maybe being back here wasn’t going to be as easy as she’d thought.’

An engaging debut for those who long to uncover who they used to be, and who they might still become.

You can find out more about me and my writing on the About page and catch up on my writing news at my blog Flying Pony.